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Merry whatever!

Volts podcast: how the left can suck less at messaging, with Anat Shenker-Osorio

The year in federal climate politics and what lies ahead

Discussing disinformation and media with Matt Sheffield

Don't Look Up: the first good movie about climate change

Volts one-year anniversary: a letter to readers

Discussion thread: materials and mining

24/7 carbon-free energy: everything in one place

The long-term promise of 24/7 carbon-free electricity

Is 24/7 carbon-free energy the right goal?

Don't get too bummed out about COP26

An introduction to energy's hottest new trend: 24/7 carbon-free electricity

Odds and ends

More new transcripts!

Volts podcast: Amy Westervelt on disinformation and propaganda

More of me talking (and interviewing Saul Griffith)

Discussion thread: which states might do clean energy legislation next?

Can the US reach Biden’s climate goal without the CEPP?

Volts in the media

Volts podcast: the good news about clean energy, with Kingsmill Bond

A rant about economist pundits, and other things, but mostly economist pundits

Discussion thread: the battle over Biden's agenda reaches its end game

Volts podcast: all about methane, with Sarah Smith of the Clean Air Task Force

Taking an Uber or Lyft just makes everything worse

Illinois' brilliant new climate, jobs, and justice bill

Volts podcast: 20 years of solar advocacy, with Adam Browning of Vote Solar

A close look at the clean energy legislation offered by House Democrats

Volts (guest) podcast: an episode of Know Your Enemy on living with climate change

New transcripts!

Discussion thread: finding meaning and resilience on a warming planet

Volts podcast: Sen. Tina Smith on the promise of a Clean Electricity Payment Program

Volts podcast: the challenges of building transmission in the US, and how to overcome them, with Liza Reed

West Virginia needs the Biden energy agenda

Economists have quantified the economic risks of climate "tipping points." It's grim.

Volts podcast: the immense promise of a federal green bank, with Reed Hundt

Discussion thread: how you feeling?

Crunch time: this is America's last chance at serious climate policy for a decade

There's real long-duration energy storage now. Can it find a market?

Subsidies really do matter to the US oil & gas industry -- one in particular

Volts podcast: Rep. Sean Casten on Hot FERC Summer

Discussion thread: what do you think of carbon border taxes?

Volts podcast: rampant environmental rule-breaking and how to fix it, with Cynthia Giles

On climate policy, there's one main thing and then there's everything else

Volts podcast: treating fossil fuels like nuclear weapons, with Tzeporah Berman

There is no "moderate" position on climate change

Volts podcast: Saul Griffith and Arch Rao on electrifying your house

Drvolts on the other podcasts

Volts podcast: Will Toor on Colorado's burst of clean energy policy

Discussion thread: describe your ideal electric vehicle

The 5 coolest trends in urbanism ... in Europe

Long-duration storage can help clean up the electricity grid, but only if it's super cheap

Volts podcast: Adam Jentleson on how to make the US Senate work

Discussion thread: tell me your home renovation story

Rooftop solar and home batteries make a clean grid vastly more affordable

Volts podcast: Will Wilkinson on libertarianism, pluralism, and America's political crisis

Volts podcast: Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich on the promise of electrification

Battery Week: everything in one place

Volts podcast: battery analyst Chloe Holzinger on the possible futures for lithium-ion

Competitors to lithium-ion batteries in the grid storage market

Oops! Everyone please enjoy this podcast

Volts podcast: Washington Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon on the Evergreen State's excellent new climate laws

Washington state now has the nation's most ambitious climate policy

Discussion thread: what are you looking forward to post-pandemic?

America is making climate promises again. Should anyone care?

US electricity emissions are halfway to zero

The many varieties of lithium-ion batteries battling for market share

A primer on lithium-ion batteries: how they work and how they are changing

Why lithium-ion batteries are so important

Biden's tax plan goes after the little fossil fuel subsidies, but not the big ones

Canary news

The coolest parts of Biden's expansive infrastructure plan

Drvolts in the podcasts

Discussion thread: how should Dems invest clean-energy recovery money?

A rant about lawns in America

Vox column: Joe Manchin will decide whether Biden succeeds on climate change

Discussion thread: will vehicle-to-grid tech amount to anything?

The most important job ahead for Democrats

Energy modeling, net-zero grids, and more: a transcript of my chat with Jesse Jenkins

Voltscast: Jesse Jenkins on energy modeling

Podcasting adventures with drvolts

Discussion thread: what should I cover next?

Lessons from the Texas mess

Transmission month: everything in one place

Transmission month: two more ideas to quickly boost the transmission grid

Transmission month: how to make the existing grid work better

Taking a voltscation

Transmission fortnight: burying power lines next to rail & roads to make a national transmission grid

Biden is blitzing

Transmission week: how to start building more big power lines

Transmission week: why we need more big power lines

Discussion thread: nuclear policy

A few interesting bits of news

Discussion thread: the insurrection

Voltscast: How to decarbonize the electricity sector through budget reconciliation

What the Georgia Senate wins do (and don't) mean for climate policy

Improving long-distance energy transmission

What were the big energy stories of 2020?