Drvolts on the other podcasts

Me, talking batteries and geothermal.

Hey Volts fam! I’ve got some great podcasts of my own coming up and a piece on the politics of the current infrastructure fight in the works, but for today you’ll have to be satisfied with hearing my mellifluous tones on other people’s pods.

The Squeaky Clean Energy podcast (produced by the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association) had me on to talk about batteries and the future of energy storage with host Matt Abele. We covered a lot of ground from Battery Week and even a few extras.

The podcast Curious Worldview, hosted by Ryan Faulkner-Hogg, had me on to talk about … well, everything, including how I got my start and how academic philosophy has informed my work. Mostly, though, we talked about geothermal energy. A fun, freewheeling conversation.

See you next week!