Podcasting adventures with drvolts

A few recent guest appearances.

Hey there, friends, I thought I’d drop a quick note to catch you up on a few recent podcast appearances, in case you’ve been pining for my voice, which one Twitter user compared to “a not-stoned Seth Rogen.” These are all pretty fun, in their own very different ways.

I did an episode of Why Is This Happening? with Chris Hayes about the Texas grid and how to plan the electricity system for climate resilience. At one point, Chris promises to get “prosumer” tattooed on his face:

I did an episode of the podcast Generation Anthropocene about the notion of “shifting baselines,” the process whereby humans rapidly accustom themselves to changing conditions. Host Mike Osborne and I discuss a diminishing ecosphere, how to talk to children about climate change, and, of course, hope. This is me at my most eloquently depressing:

I appear in this episode of the Generation Green New Deal podcast about the history of the Green New Deal and how AOC became its champion. It came out late last year, but it’s still pretty fresh:

Thanks for listening to me yap on and on, y’all! I’ll see you later this week, probably with more yapping.


As a bonus, here’s a yak (I think it’s a yak?), from our spin through the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, Washington: