Nov 29, 2021 • 1HR 6M

24/7 carbon-free energy: everything in one place

Including a mega-pod.

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David Roberts
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When I first started looking into 24/7 carbon-free energy (CFE) — a company or city matching its electricity consumption with clean electricity production on an hourly basis, throughout the year — I intended to write a single post on it. That worked out about as well as usual.

Below are summaries of and links to each of the 24/7 CFE posts. Above is a 24/7 CFE mega-pod, with the last three pods strung together into one podcast.


  1. An introduction to energy's hottest new trend: 24/7 carbon-free electricity
    What it would mean to supply a company or city with clean energy for every hour of its electricity consumption, every day of the year; why a company or city would want to do that; what kind of technology could do it; what market reforms are required to enable it.

  2. Is 24/7 carbon-free energy the right goal?
    Critics say that companies would be better off focusing solely on reductions in carbon emissions — after all, from the atmosphere’s perspective, no company’s emissions are more significant than any other’s. But proponents say 24/7 CFE accomplishes things beyond reducing carbon emissions.

  3. The long-term promise of 24/7 carbon-free electricity
    Some new modeling of 24/7 procurement out of Princeton reveals what it will do to carbon emissions, how much more it will cost, and the innovation and development it could spark in clean energy.

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Cornbread stuffing with chorizo. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! (Photo: me)
Cornbread stuffing with chorizo. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! (Photo: me)