Sitemap - 2022 - Volts

Reflecting on the work of the soon-to-retire House climate committee

The right-wing groups behind renewable energy misinformation

Induction stoves with batteries built in, and why they matter

The state of the lithium-ion battery recycling market

Working on the cheapest possible lithium-ion battery

Yet more transcripts

What the midterm elections mean for climate & energy

Gorgeous new WPA-style posters celebrate DOE's latest clean-energy technologies

Life as a traveling musician in the 21st century

Me, interviewed by Brits

Lessons from a life in progressive PR

Germany's current energy situation & its past energy choices

Coal plants are still getting financed, despite pledges otherwise

What to think about deep-sea mining for clean-energy minerals

Why social change is so excruciatingly difficult

Making sure electric vehicles help rather than hurt electricity grids

The Inflation Reduction Act: everything in one place (with transcripts!)

Making it easier to build distributed energy in the places where it's most needed

Me, talking about my story and my takes on perennial climate debates

Puerto Rico's electricity crisis

More transcripts

The extraordinary potential value of enhanced geothermal power

Learning curves will lead to extremely cheap clean energy

Catching up on transcripts

Focusing on the climate actions that can make a real difference

The long, sordid (ongoing) tale of California's biggest utility

What's up with Manchin's plan to reform energy permitting?

The many social and psychological benefits of low-car cities

Talking through the Inflation Reduction Act with Don't Look Up director Adam McKay

Dr. Volts in the media

Diving further into the Inflation Reduction Act: Part Two

Diving further into the Inflation Reduction Act: Part One

Some thoughts on the Inflation Reduction Act

Volts podcast: how to get urban improvements done quickly

Volts podcast: when transmission planning actually goes well

Volts podcast: what to make of the Democrats' last-minute climate bill

Volts podcast: a music festival that treads lightly on the earth

Volts podcast: how Biden can address climate change through executive action

Volts podcast: David Wallace-Wells on the ravages of air pollution

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Volts podcast: Lori Lodes on climate activism and the path forward

Volts podcast: Jay Duffy on the Supreme Court's EPA decision

Volts podcast: Charles Marohn on unsustainable suburbs

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Volts podcast: Kimberly Nicholas on the best ways to get cars out of cities

Volts podcast: Dan Pfeiffer on the Democratic Party's megaphone problem

Volts podcast: Johannes Ackva on effective climate altruism

Volts podcast: Dr. Ye Tao on a grand scheme to cool the Earth

Volts podcast: Chris Hayes on how his politics have changed since 2015

Volts podcast: Danny Cullenward on California's shaky climate plans

Volts podcast: Abigail Hopper on the trade case that is crushing the US solar industry

Volts podcast: Lauren Melodia and Kristina Karlsson on energy inflation and how to tame it

Volts podcast: Jesse Morris on building an operating system for distributed energy

Volts podcast: Doug Thompson defends the deep state

Volts podcast: Andy Frank on how to sell whole-home retrofits to skeptical consumers

Volts podcast: Fran Moore on how to represent social change in climate models

Volts podcast: Nan Ransohoff on how (and why) Stripe is kick-starting the carbon-removal market

Volts podcast: Michael Terrell on Google's pursuit of 24/7 clean energy

Volts podcast: Horace Luke on decarbonizing the world's two-wheelers

At long last, I have an EV

Volts podcast: Elizabeth Popp Berman on the "economic style of thinking" that consumed US policy

Volts podcast: Paulina Jaramillo on the IPCC's new climate-solutions report

Me, on the Some More News podcast

Me, interviewed by Noah Smith

Volts podcast: Matthew Metz & Janelle London on gasoline superusers & smarter EV subsidies

Volts podcast: Audrey Schulman and Zeyneb Magavi on how to replace natural gas with renewable heat

Volts podcast: Rob Harmon on how to scale up energy efficiency

What to do in Italy

Volts podcast: David Hsu on the grassroots policy that lets communities control own energy supply

The lovely Ford Mustang Mach-E and the danger of electric cars

Volts podcast: Jack Lienke & Kirti Datla on the ridiculous (but extremely important) EPA case before the Supreme Court

Volts podcast: Erin Mayfield on the massive consequences of Build Back Better

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Volts podcast: Gerald Butts and Catherine McKenna on Canada's carbon tax

Volts podcast: Rebecca Dell on decarbonizing heavy industry

The minerals used by clean-energy technologies

Volts podcast: using DOE loan guarantees to accelerate clean energy, with Jigar Shah

Volts podcast: Panama Bartholomy on decarbonizing America's buildings

Do dividends make carbon taxes more popular? Apparently not.

Minerals and the clean-energy transition: the basics

Volts podcast: me and Adam McKay in an exciting podcast crossover event

Volts podcast: Jason Bordoff & Meghan O’Sullivan on the geopolitics of clean energy

Discussion thread: Will Build Back Better pass?

Volts podcast: "Don't Look Up" director Adam McKay on the challenges of making movies about climate change

Climate legislation and Congress: the current state of play

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