Oct 10, 2022 • 1HR 16M

Me, talking about my story and my takes on perennial climate debates

Dr. Volts on the podcast My Climate Journey.

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Volts is a podcast about leaving fossil fuels behind. I've been reporting on and explaining clean-energy topics for almost 20 years, and I love talking to politicians, analysts, innovators, and activists about the latest progress in the world's most important fight. (Volts is entirely subscriber-supported. Sign up!)
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I was recently a guest on My Climate Journey, a podcast that features various climate types discussing how they got where they are and how they currently think about the climate crisis. Host Jason Jacobs and I had a fun conversation about my road into journalism and how my views on various perennial climate debates — optimism versus pessimism, green growth versus degrowth, technocracy versus spiritual change — have changed over the years. (As you will see, I take a pretty deflationary view toward all such debates.)


The folks at MCJ were kind enough to allow me to send the episode out on the Volts feed (the most ambitious crossover event in history, etc.), so please enjoy.

If you're not already subscribed to My Climate Journey, definitely do so — and check out the larger MCJ Collective of which it is a part. If you prefer hearing actual smart people talk on Volts, don't worry, they'll be back later this week.

Mabel’s climate journey is ongoing. (Photo: Jennifer Roberts)
Mabel’s climate journey is ongoing. (Photo: Jennifer Roberts)