Nov 14, 2022 • 1HR 13M

Me, interviewed by Brits

A crossover episode of Sustainababble.

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Over in the UK, there’s a podcast called Sustainababble that has been going for — no kidding — eight years. The hosts, Dave and Oliver, talk with various people involved in the sustainability world, but, being Brits, they tend to be smarter and funnier than the average US podcast host (or maybe the accents just make them sound smarter and funnier).

Anyway, they are currently in the process of wrapping the pod up, shutting it down, but luckily for me, they had me on before they shut the doors.

Dave & Ol of Sustainababble

I thought listeners might like to hear my brain picked from an outside perspective, and Dave and Oliver were kind enough to allow me to send it out as an episode of Volts, so please enjoy.


And while you’re at it, go dig through the Sustainababble archives and take advantage of it while it’s still around. It will be missed.