Aug 19 • 1HR 12M

Diving further into the Inflation Reduction Act: Part Two

The second of two wonky deep dives with Jesse Jenkins.

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As I said in the previous episode, even with all the discussion of the Inflation Reduction Act lately, there is still enormous appetite for more information. I had Princeton professor Jesse Jenkins back on the pod to dig deeper into the details and address some of the common questions and objections. We ended up talking for so long that I broke the resulting pod into two episodes.

Jesse Jenkins
Jesse Jenkins

In the first, we discussed fossil-fuel leases, CCS subsidies, and environmental justice. In this episode, we get into everything else: the EV and other tax credits, the green bank, the new money for DOE’s loan authority, the methane fee, and the enormous effects the bill is likely to have on US climate politics.


So let's get back into it!