I follow Australian energy policy and tech through https://reneweconomy.com.au/ and find a lot of parallels to the US. I'm not too concerned about their exports, mostly whether they will meet their smart but aggressive target of 83% renewable electricity by 2035. Their energy minister has said clearly, "gas is just for backup."

Right now, they are having trouble getting new wind permitted at the pace it has been going in over the last five years or so. Murdoch media is mounting an aggressive anti-wind campaign. Progressives in power are putting more environmental restrictions on wind development; that "everything bagel" liberalism at work. Leah Stokes' "short circuiting policy" is alive and well here, there, Germany too, where the road authorities are slow-rolling permits for the convoys to deliver wind turbine blades.

The Aussies are implementing some great policies for load management and energy storage to deal with their "duck curve" from all forms of solar. Lots and lots going on, but probably not at the speed needed.

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Any remaining opportunities to see you speak while you’re in Aus?

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Nah -- I'm finally done! [collapses in exhaustion]

Got one free day in Brisbane & then I fly home Sat. morning.

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