Almost embarrassing - I noted David saying he had multiple 'casts coming out, so I checked this morning, like a kid checking the mailbox for his Tony-the-Tiger raygun from Battle Creek, Michigan - and, yay, there was one "15 minutes ago". It's already downloaded an in the player.

Your fortune is assured, David - you've become a need.

So much of the news is a downer - billionaire bailouts, open crimes not charged, creeping fascists and creepy bosses - you're bringing the hope - as I know this report card will. Eager to get out on my run, so I can download from MP3 player to brain.

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Mar 15·edited Mar 15

David I know you mentioned heat pumps many times in other podcasts. I would think their rapid deployment would be one indicator of a coming drop in natural gas demand.

And once again you talked about efficiency being an important solution in our current situation. Please consider interviewing one of the CEOs of Aptera. It's lightweight, solar charging, super aerodynamic, and has a small battery for a long range. I can't understand why more people aren't excited by this vehicle and company.

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