Don't Look Up: the first good movie about climate changeAdam McKay's new movie isn't about climate change -- it's about an oncoming comet -- but it captures, like no work of art has, some of the strange …
Rooftop solar and home batteries make a clean grid vastly more affordableDistributed energy has often been seen as a more expensive alternative to utility-scale power plants, but new modeling reveals that it is actually a…
Another note to readersAn update on some life circumstances of the adverse variety.
Clean energy and politics, electrified
A guest essay from architect and urbanist Mike Eliason on the coolest trends in European cities, where they are converting brownfields to ecodistricts…
The lovely Ford Mustang Mach-E and the danger of electric carsI recently had the opportunity to drive Ford's new electric Mustang for a week. For someone like me, coming from a 2009 Prius, it's mind-blowing. But…
A note to readers Yeah, so, I'm losing my ability to type. It's not great.
How has your view of American politics changed?
Some thoughts on the Inflation Reduction ActI've got lots of things to say about the Inflation Reduction Act, and my tendonitis won't allow me to type, so I decided to say it all into a…
They are bad and symbolize bad things.
Minerals and the clean-energy transition: the basicsThe clean-energy transition will require huge amounts of key minerals like lithium and cobalt, used to make cleantech like batteries & wind turbines…
Learning curves will lead to extremely cheap clean energyA newly published research paper out of Oxford suggests that a rapid energy transition will not "cost" anything -- it will save nearly a trillion…